For the type of services Auravox offers, the current sweet spot customer is a small to midsize business with their main office in the Houston area.  Auravox has proven that ISP and SIP support can be handled with businesses with multiple offices geographically anywhere in the country, but currently that is only cost effective with a main office in the Houston Market.  With TLC Office Systems as an Alliance Partner and with the expansion of TLC Office Systems, it would be very easy to reach out to the DASH (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, & Houston Markets) triangle with minimal additional impact to foundation costs.


For the purposes of the Channel Partner program, the ideal partner would be a smaller independent copier dealer with a few sales people.  The dealer ownership would need to embrace the single source solution vision that TLC Office Systems currently enjoys and has proven to be an incredible selling point.


It is not the ambition to become a competitor of an area that has a channel partner but to encourage support (both technical and sales) to the dealers.  There would be, however, the occasion that Auravox would be found from the internet (or other media) in areas that would not have a presence.  These can be proposed directly and brought in as house accounts.